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The imaging experts, researchers and scientists of the Amsterdam UMC Imaging Center consists of members with highly relevant expertise and different bacgrounds. 
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Idris Bahce

dr. Idris Bahce

Pulmonologist, Associate Professor

Frederik Barkhof

prof. dr. Frederik Barkhof

Radiology: neurology

Wissam Beaino

dr. Wissam Beaino

Assistant professor Radiology and Nuclear Medicine

Ronald Boellaard

prof. dr. Ronald Boellaard

Medical Physicist

Johannes de Boer

prof. dr. Johannes de Boer

Head of the Department of Physics and Astronomy

Jan Booij

prof. dr. Jan Booij

Nuclear Medicine

Hans Buiter

dr. Hans Buiter



Elsmarieke van de Giessen

dr. Elsmarieke van de Giessen

Nuclear Physician

Guus van Dongen

prof. dr. Guus van Dongen

Project leader Amsterdam UMC Imaging Center


Uta Franke

dr. Uta Franke

Head of clinical PET tracer production


Suzanne van der Gaag

drs. Suzanne van der Gaag

Physician, Research Associate

Sandeep Golla

dr. Sandeep Golla

Assistant Professor

Pim de Graaf

dr. Pim de Graaf

Neuro Radiologist


Marc Huisman

dr. ir. Marc Huisman

PET methodology


Ivana Isgum

prof. dr. Ivana Isgum

AI and Medical Imaging


Rob P. Klok

Rob P. Klok

Quality Control and Documentation

Cornelis van Kuijk

prof. dr. Cornelis van Kuijk

Head Department Radiology and Nuclear Medicine


Conny van der Laken

dr. Conny van der Laken

Rheumatologist (Principal Investigator) Associate Professor


Mario Maas

prof. dr. Mario Maas

Musculoskeletal radiologist

Charles Majoie

prof. dr. Charles Majoie

Neuro Radiologist

Henk Marquering

dr. Henk Marquering

Cardiovascular Imaging, Image Analysis

Martijn Meijerink

prof. dr. Martijn Meijerink

Interventional Radiologist

Willemien Menke-van der Houven van Oordt

dr. Willemien Menke-van der Houven van Oordt

Medical Specialist - Oncologist (Principal Investigator)


Aart Nederveen

prof. dr. Aart Nederveen

Josien Douw - van den Noort

dr. ir. Josien van den Noort

Biomedical engineer | research coördinator Radiology and Nuclear Medicine


Pim van Ooij

dr. ir. Pim van Ooij

Radiology and Nuclear Medicine

Daniela Oprea-Lager

dr. Daniela Oprea-Lager

Nuclear Medicine physician


Nils Planken

dr. Nils Planken

Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Medical Specialist

Petra Pouwels

dr. Petra Pouwels

Radiology and Nuclear Medicine


Liesbeth Reneman

prof. dr. Liesbeth Reneman

Translational Neuroradiology


Ralf Sprengers-Dekkers

dr. Ralf Sprengers-Dekkers

Cardiothoracic Radiologist

Jaap Stoker

prof. dr. Jaap Stoker

Abdominal Radiologist


Maria Vosjan

dr. Maria Vosjan

Managing director BV Cyclotron VU

Hugo Vrenken

dr. ir. Hugo Vrenken

Associate Professor

Danielle Vugts

dr. Danielle Vugts

Tracer development and GMP productions: biologicals


Bert Windhorst

prof. dr. Bert Windhorst

Radiopharmaceutical chemistry and tracer development


Maqsood Yaqub

dr. ir. M. Maqsood Yaqub

PET methodology


Josée Zijlstra-Baalbergen

prof. dr. Josée Zijlstra-Baalbergen

Internist hematologist

Ben Zwezerijnen

drs. Ben Zwezerijnen

Nuclear Medicine physician