Amsterdam UMC Imaging Center


The Imaging Center can be found on the Health Science campus in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Below you will find the contact details of the Imaging Center and our core units.


Amsterdam UMC Imaging Center

Van der Boechorststraat 6a
1081 BT Amsterdam, the Netherlands

In terms of connectivity, the Business, Science and Health District Zuidas is located just 6 minutes by train to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, right next to the motorway. The immediate area is served extensively by bus, tram, metro and train. With the 87.000m2 international conference center RAI within 5 minutes, the historic city and its museums within 10 minutes, the convenience of the area is evident. Furthermore, Amsterdam and the Zuidas itself connect to Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt and London through an extensive high-speed rail network. All in all, 6 million people live within 1-hour travel from the Zuidas. Today, over 400 companies have settled in the area. 

Department of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine

Are you a patient? The contact details and website referrals below will guide you to the right place for clinical assistance.

Amsterdam UMC - Location AMC
Meibergdreef 9
1105 AZ Amsterdam, the Netherlands
+31-20 566 5765

Amsterdam UMC - Location VUmc
De Boelelaan 1117
1081 HV Amsterdam, the Netherlands
+31-20 444 2874

The Imaging Center is a nucleus for improvement of all medical related activities in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and beyond.

Core units


Radiology & Nuclear Medicine / Research Imaging Core Center (RICC)

Dr. ir. Josien Douw - van den Noort
Research coördinator RICC


Prof. dr. Ronald Boellaard 
Amsterdam UMC Imaging Center

Tracer Center Amsterdam

Dr. Danielle Vugts 
Amsterdam UMC - TCA


Prof. dr. Bert Windhorst  
Amsterdam UMC - TCA

LaserLab Amsterdam

Prof. dr. Johannes de Boer
Amsterdam UMC - LaserLab Amsterdam  

BV Cyclotron VU

Dr. Maria Vosjan  
Managing director

  • 15 minutes from Amsterdam center and Schiphol
  • 2 hours from Brussel
  • 3 hours from London
  • 8 hours from New York