Amsterdam UMC Imaging Center

Mission & vision

Imaging is key

We consider imaging to be a key tool in selecting the right treatment for the right patient at the right time. We believe the integrated and multidisciplinary approach of the latest hybrid imaging technologies is much needed to investigate the complexity of diseases.

The Amsterdam UMC Imaging Center has officially opened its doors on October 31, 2019. The building, located at the Zuidas, will occupy a unique place worldwide: clinical care, research and the development of medicines hosted in one building. A huge step forward in healthcare for both patients and researchers.

It's our mission:

To develop innovative tools

Imaging requires the contribution of a wide range of scientific and clinical disciplines, patient care networks and industrial partners.


To support drug development

See our collaboration model and find out how we support drug development.


To train tomorrow's imaging experts

Get to know our imaging experts or become one with an inhouse trainer.


And to set global standards

We keep you informed through news and stories on our take on medical imaging.

The Imaging Center serves as a hub for improvement of all medical-related activities in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and beyond.

The latest hybrid imaging technologies combine radiology, nuclear and optical imaging.