Amsterdam UMC Imaging Center

Research & Partnering

Research requires partners

We are your partner for pharma and biotech R&D and drug development. We provide excellent opportunities for cooperation with industry in research into both fundamental science and applied technology.

A valuable partner to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry

The Imaging Center provides excellent opportunities for public-private partnerships in research both at the fundamental as well as the applied level. 

  • Tracer Development
  • Preclinical imaging
  • Clinical Imaging
  • Kinetic modelling
  • Data processing and integration

A natural partner for pharma and biotech

The Imaging Center is particularly suited to support the pharmaceutical industry’s requirements for imaging technologies in their efforts to design, test and select novel therapies more effectively and at a lower cost than in the past. This can be done via radiolabeling the drug itself or via using tracers that can measure the target occupancy of new drugs. The unique and expert range of capabilities offered by our research groups makes the Imaging Center a natural choice for pharma and biotech.

The Imaging Center forms a stimulating environment for multidisciplinary translational research.

Imaging innovation through top research

The center’s facilities will provide the ideal environment for the interdisciplinary research conducted by Amsterdam UMC Research and its Core Facilities and our research institutes. These institutes are:

  1. Cancer Center Amsterdam
  2. Amsterdam Neuroscience 
  3. Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences 
  4. Amsterdam Infection & Immunity
  5. Amsterdam Gastroenterology & Metabolism
  6. Amsterdam Reproduction & Development
  7. Amsterdam Movement Sciences
  8. Amsterdam Public Health