Amsterdam UMC Imaging Center

Collaboration in tracer and drug development

Shorter time to market

The tracking of drugs in the human body will provide a modern validation standard in the field of drug research. This has been confirmed by experts as well as market-leading businesses. In close collaboration with commercial companies, our expert-scientists increasingly facilitate research projects. We support companies to speed up the development of their diagnostic and therapeutic products, by providing insight into the in vivo performance of their products.

Let’s meet

Companies will be linked to custom oriented and well-integrated teams of Amsterdam UMC principal investigators, technical experts, with subcontracting capacities or companies if necessary, at every step of the development process. 

Amsterdam UMC Imaging Center is proud to be an official partner of five of the world’s ten largest pharmaceutical companies, but we also understand the added value of cooperating with highly innovative small and mid-sized drug development and imaging tech companies. The benefits for these companies are clear. Due to our imaging expertise, the investment risks for the development of new drugs are significantly reduced. By identifying the in vivo potential of the drug, and understanding its action mechanism at an early stage, the effectiveness and success rate of the drug development processes are improved, thus reducing the time to market.

Key areas

Key areas open to innovation are in:

  • multi-modality imaging techniques,
  • tracer chemistry,
  • kinetic modeling and quantification methods,
  • molecular imaging,
  • preclinical and clinical validation,
  • image-guided interventions,
  • data processing and integration,
  • and medical technology assessment.

Imaging makes ‘personalized medicine’ possible

With our disease specific tracers we will enable faster drug development and earlier, more accurate diagnosis and therapy guidance.

World-class research

In the areas of molecular imaging, oncology, and immunology, as well as neurology, Amsterdam UMC enjoys a position among the world’s top institutions. Oncology and immunology rank first in the Netherlands and 7th in Europe in the standardized citation index (Eur.J.Cancer, 2008). In addition, we claim a national number one position in the neurology fields of Alzheimer’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis.


We encourage closer cooperation

Our collaboration model consists of multiple phases, some of which can be executed in parallel, each with a streamlined and cooperative process to refine the collaboration and optimize the outcome.

Collaboration model