Amsterdam UMC Imaging Center


All imaging and tracing facilities behind one door

This building, which is approximately 15,000 m2 in size, provides its users with numerous first-rate facilities.

Modern clinical imaging equipment, for example, PET-CT, PET-MRI, SPECT-CT, and MR 1.5/3T, and preclinical imaging equipment, for example, PET-CT- PET-MRI and optical.

GMP-certified tracer production lab containing 12 hot cells, supported by five research hot-cells,14 fume-hoods.

Full organic chemistry facilities, extensive pharmacology facilities, four cyclotrons, and our commercial tracer supplier BV Cyclotron VU.

Partners and our research environment

Looking at the complexity of today’s healthcare, whereby the demand for an improved quality of care whilst maintaining control over healthcare costs are leading challenges, we believe these issues can only successfully be addressed by means of collaborative partnerships.

The Amsterdam Research Organization brings together opinion leading academic research in the field of Health & Life Sciences developed in the Amsterdam region. In doing so - and on the authority of the two medical centers and the two universities - Amsterdam now has eight alliance research institutes, each with dedicated expertise and focused on particular disease indications. On the following website, you will find an overview of the biomedical research being executed in these institutes along with the key opinion leaders, the patient cohorts, and core facilities:

For multicenter research projects, we will involve other centers from The Netherlands or abroad.