Amsterdam UMC Imaging Center

Financial support

We thank our partners and resources

The Amsterdam UMC Imaging Center has been made possible with the financial support of many partners and resources.

Government subsidies:

  1. The European Fund for Regional Development in the West of the Netherlands (the Kansen voor West-programs I & II) contributed to
    a. the realization of VUmc PET-MRI Center Amsterdam (scanner, research equipment, and building);
    b. the development of the R&D-section of the Imaging Center: Tracer Center Amsterdam through the Tracing & Trading project (research equipment, laboratories, building construction and the model for drug co-development with SME’s and industries).
    c. the acquisation of the latest developments in whole body PET-CT within the ADORE Innovation project.
  2. Co-finance (Rijkscofinanciering) from the Ministry of Economic Affairs added financial means to the Kansen voor West/EFRO programs and were involved in the above-mentioned PET-MRI project and the Tracing & Trading project.
  3. The Province of Noord-Holland contributed directly with a number of subsidies:
    a. Provincial co-finance for the PET-MRI project;
    b. Provincial co-finance for the Tracing & Trading project;
    c. Provincial subsidy (“Clusterregeling”) for the acquisition of innovative tracer development and production equipment (O15-cyclotron and synthesis equipment).
  4. The City of Amsterdam provided the Imaging Center with a subsidy from the Amsterdam Innovation Fund (AIF) for the development of the research units (equipment and construction): Tracer Center Amsterdam and the whole body PET-CT scanner within ADORE Innovation project. 
  5. The national subsidy program from ZonMw (The Netherlands organization for health care research and health innovation) subsidized the acquisition of chemical analysis equipment (LC-MS/MS) as well as the acquisition of preclinical PET-MRI and PET-CT scanners.

Next to governmental subsidies, the Imaging Center is made possible with the financial support of private funds.

Private funds:

  1. The VUmc Cancer Center Amsterdam donated funds for the acquisition of the PET-MRI scanner, the latest generation, high-end PET-CT (both in a co-development construction with the manufacturer) and for the acquisition of preclinical research equipment such as an optical scanner.
  2. The A.J. Coops Stichting provided a general contribution to the Imaging Center research.
  3. The Foundation for Radio-isotope Research supported the new tracer development facilities of Tracer Center Amsterdam.